Bingyuan Zhou

Graduate Student

Education and work experience

2014.9 - 2018.7 Bachelor, School of Nature Conservation, Beijing Forestry University.
2018.9 - Now Ph.D candidate, School of Life Sciences, Peking University.

Research Interests

Introgression among Drosophila melanogaster and closely related species.

Current research projects

I characterized patterns of introgression among Drosophila melanogaster and other closely related species, D. simulans and D. sechellia, at a genome-wide level, and identified putative introgression outliers. Then I used the relationships of taxa on gene genealogies (including D.melanogaster, D. simulans, D. sechellia, D.yakuba and D. mauritiana) of candidate introgression loci, and discordance from the genome-wide tree, to infer the timing and direction of gene flow for the candidate loci. In the future, I will infer the function of genes in the introgression loci based on gene annotations, verify it through experiments, and analyze how introgression genes integrate into the gene network of the recipient species.

Representative Publications