Wei Lu

Undergraduate Student

Education and work experience

2014.9-2019.7, Bachelor , Basic Medicine, College of Medicine, Peking University
2019.9-present, Ph.D., Ecology and evolution, University of Chicago

Research Interests

Using population genetics, behavior, molecular biology and other methods to explore the mechanism of species formation and maintenance

Current research projects

I explore the the genetic mechanism of Chilo suppressalis population genetic structure which eats rice as the host plant and the influence of ability to eating rice

Representative Publications

Chen, J., Y. Huang, B. Brachi, Q. Yun, W. Zhang, W. Lu, H. Li, W. Li, X. Sun, G. Wang, and others. 2019. Genome-wide analysis of Cushion willow provides insights into alpine plant divergence in a biodiversity hotspot. Nature communications 10:1–12.
Tenger-Trolander, A., W. Lu, M. Noyes, and M. R. Kronforst. 2019. Contemporary loss of migration in monarch butterflies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:201904690.