Xiujia Sun

Graduate Student

Education and work experience

2014.9-2018.7 Bachelor, Shandong University
2018.9-Now Ph.D candidate, Peking University

Research Interests

My research interest focuses on combining experiments and omics analysis to discuss important questions in evolution, and my major research subject is to explore the mechanism of co-evolution between lepidoptera insect and its host angiosperms. As the planet's largest two species groups, the coevolution between them is a research hotspot in evolutionary biology. The development of sequencing technology has made it possible to reveal the genetic basis of coevolution from the whole genome level.

Current research projects

The coevolution between rice (Oryza sativa) and the rice stem borer (Chilo supressils).
Interactions between species are common and impact their evolutionary process. Charles Darwin had noticed the phenomenon of organisms’ interactions. Rice is the main domestication crop, and rice stem borer is one of the major pests which feeding on rice. We detect the genetic basis of their coevolution and adaption through evolutionary genomics, and whether the rice stem borer experienced adapted evolution with the process of rice domestication.

Representative Publications